Hayle beach- 1st June 2017
The whole experience of camping has never appealed to me in the past, an evening spent in a small tent, cold and most probably wet, doesn't really make me want to spend a night away from my cosy bed. Surprisingly though, since coming to uni and being surrounded by keen campers, the whole thought of rolling out my sleeping bag is quickly becoming a less daunting idea.

From planning on making this summer as fun filled as I can before the hell fire of third year rains down on me (i'm not religious, but please lord give me strength to get through what will probably be the longest 9 months of my life. pls). I have signed up to volunteer at Latitude and Boardmasters to be a steward with Oxfam. I have never been to a festival and camped before so the thought of going to my first big festival on my own and having to wrestle with a tent scared me slightly. That's where the wild camping idea came from, to almost give me a practise run before hitting the fields. I did actually enjoy it and think that there will be more wild camping trips to come.